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For the development of products, the product developers of INNODEEN work with four material lines. All types are used under their own brand names. These material groups, in combination with the modern machining centers and techniques, ensure that Innodeen supplies customer-specific products with added value in areas such as durability and lifespan. 


is our brand for thermoplastics, which can be used for various applications. Different properties are desired in each case. We can easily meet this with a complete range. LDPE, HDPE, UHMWPE, PE, PP, PVC, PA-6, POM, PEEK, PTFE, PVDF, PMMA, PET-G en PC


is our brand for specially modified high-quality thermoset plastics. These have a very low expansion coefficient, minimal moisture absorption and good insulating properties. The material can be (re)processed perfectly and has excellent adhesive properties.


is our brand for composites, materials made up of different components, fibres and plastics. We only use fibres of biological origin, which are pleasant to process, do not harm health and can be recycled in their entirety.


is our brand for elastomers, rubbery plastics with a high elastic capacity. After removing the load, the material returns to its original shape. Eelodeen verzorgt bijvoorbeeld de waterdichte aansluiting tussen DTS neut en kozijnstijl. A variant with higher density is the QUICK-FIX pad, for the temporary fixation of DTS REFLEX nose bars.