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Thresholds for aluminium and plastic frames

DTS VARIPRO offers a customised solution for any aluminium or plastic frame system, which is moreover quick and easy to process. Ideally suited if accessibility and energy efficiency have to meet high standards.



Material cycle preserved

DTS products are designed to preserve value at the end of their useful life. HOLLODEEN, from which the DTS THRESHOLDS are made, is 100% recyclable and already exists with 90% recycled material. Used thresholds can serve simply and efficiently as basic material for new ones entirely in accordance with the C2C principle.

For this reason, the HOLLODEEN THRESHOLDS are certified Cradle to Cradle SILVER.


VARIPRO CLASSIC Line - Universally applicable

The DTS VARIPRO CLASSIC Line is made up of universal threshold profiles. We can provide the through-profiles as desired with application battens, so that you can realise all section filling and directions of rotation.


VARIPRO PLUS-Line - Bound profile housing

The DTS VARIPRO PLUS Line is de top line in the VARIPRO system. This system has a modular structure, just as the Standard line, but with base blocks under the posts and with the unique, patented click-assembly.

With direct glazing!

Within the DTS VARIPRO PLUS Line, it is also possible to use direct glazing. This makes for very sleek lines.

For Profine users, there is the AHA-DTS VARIPRO PLUS line.
  • K-Vision
  • Gealan

Prevent waste

DTS production does not produce waste, we manufacture all components in a closed process and to a great extent, they consist of high-quality recycled source material. In principle, the thresholds are supplied ‘ready for assembly’ and without packaging material. DTS supplies customisation as standard and collects cut-off and residual material from its customers.

Various colours

HOLLODEEN offers a wide choice of colours. From nuanced black to various natural stone colour drawings HOLLODEEN is coloured right through and so even after a period of time, it retains its original colour. All HOLLODEEN colours are fully circular, because they are 100% recyclable.

Building Regulation

Frames executed with a DTS VARIPRO low-contour threshold to meet the requirement of 20 mm as stated in the current Dutch Building Decree.

The 20 mm requirement means that the difference in height for home access between the outside ground level and the inside finished floor may not exceed 20 mm..

CE marking

DTS VARIPRO thresholds comply with the building regulation. To be able to supply frames with CE certification, frame suppliers are required to provide a fully closed and tested element, including bottom sill. A standard plastic frame profile as a bottom sill does not, however, meet the Building Regulation requirements, an aluminium bottom sill is unfavourable in terms of insulation value and natural stone cannot be pre-assembled as part of the total structure. The VARIPRO PLUS Line plastic bottom sill is the solution to this problem.