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Protecting, repairing and upgrading existing wooden frames

The various renovation applications for the protection and restoration of wooden frames are designed to protect or replace only the vulnerable or poor parts, or to replace them. As a result, existing frames can be reused for many years, and a complete replacement is unnecessary. For this, use is made of the newly patented Durodeen.



Protect, restore and enhance

Full replacement of damaged wooden frames has become outdated and obsolete. Our construction and maintenance expertise that is rooted in practice, combined with the material properties of Hollodeen and Durodeen, make your renovation projects simpler, more accessible, more durable and more efficient than ever. If your windows are still in good condition, then you only need the ReFlex exterior sill cover to protect the vulnerable parts of the frame.

Cost-efficient repair instead of renewal

The daunting sight of rot in wooden frames all too often leads to the decision for complete renewal. That is, however, an expensive and cumbersome solution, which belongs to the past with DTS ReFlex. This gives damaged frames a new and extra long life thanks to superior material properties and processing techniques.

Partial replacement to order

Damaged frames receive a second life thanks to partial replacement to order. Under the slogan ‘Retain the good, do away with the bad’, DTS ReFlex offers cost-effective solutions for restoring frames while retaining the original appearance of buildings.

Complete renovation system

Renew the whole frame because of a few rotten places? That is entirely outdated. The affected areas, but also vulnerable parts and joints, can now be restored and protected effectively. The patented materials Hollodeen® and Durodeen® form the basis of a complete renovation system that provides for cost-effective solutions for all practical situations.

Result-Oriented Real Estate Maintenance

Sustainable management and maintenance yield more, with attention for the necessary quality in materials and workmanship. The maintenance period of frames is determined by the weakest parts. Optimisation of existing wooden frames means an extension of the life span and maintenance intervals. That immediately leads to savings on materials, raw materials and labour. It also increases the satisfaction of residents, who have less inconvenience from maintenance work.

Improve accessibility

Enhancement makes the building accessible to wheelchair users and those who have difficulty walking. In most cases, the threshold is lowered and the door extended. A relatively low investment increases home comfort and one can continue to live in the home for longer.

Preservation of the authentic appearance

The Durodeen inserts are always tailored for you, thus retaining the authentic look of the façade. Bead, double cove and bead, leaf-edge and ogees are no problem at all. Thanks to the excellent paint adhesion, details can be executed even with sharp angles, such as is often the case with monuments.

Limit nuisance

Because we deliver custom frame profiles and provide them with a coat of primer, you will save a considerable amount of time in the processing. Our exterior sill covers are glued together ventilated, so they need not be nailed, filled and sanded. For example, if you choose partial replacement, then optionally the glass can stay in place, and don't forget, the interior finish then remains intact.