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For the development of its products, INNODEEN works with four material lines. All types are deployed under their own brand names.
Hollodeen is our brand for thermoplastics, which can be used for different applications. Each application demands its own characteristics. We are able to satisfy this amply with our complete range and, moreover, a large percentage of the Hollodeen plastics are made of recycled material and are fully recyclable. Read more »
Durodeen is our brand for high-quality specially modified thermosetting plastics. These have a very low coefficient of expansion, minimal moisture absorption and good insulating properties. The material can be perfectly (post) processed and has excellent adhesion properties. Durodeen is ideally suited for frame-retaining wood recovery, in that it makes the exposed areas more robust by means of threshold protectors, rebate profiles and (partial) ‘Peilplus’ thresholds. Read more »
Compodeen is our brand for the composites, these materials are made up of various components, wood fibres, and durable plastics. We only use fibres of organic origin, which are pleasant to work with, do not harm your health and are fully recyclable. Read more »
Eelodeen is our brand for elastomers, the rubber-like plastics with great elasticity. After removing the load, the material resumes its original shape. For example, Eelodeen provides the watertight connection between the DTS base block and frame post. The QUICK-FIX pad is the variant with a higher density, this is used for the temporary fixation of DTS REFLEX exterior sill covers. Read more »