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Machine parts

INNODEEN supplies various components which are used for the construction of machinery. For these components, we process a wide variety of plastics such as Hollodeen PE, PA-6, POM etc.

The major benefits of these Hollodeen materials are:
  • strength
  • resistance to wear
  • good sliding and frictional resistances
  • resistant to fats, oils and other substances
  • corrosion resistant
  • easy to process
  • weight saving
We manufacture our products to customer specifications and they often have to meet stringent requirements regarding their size and accuracy. Working with a 3 or 5 axis CNC-controlled router enables us to produce a great diversity of products very accurately.

Thanks to our large stock of materials, we have short delivery times and so we can offer you a fast service.


Under the DEP brand, here we supply a wide range of products such as bearings, cogwheels, chain guides, pressure rollers and buffer edges.

Filler strips and plates

We manufacture and supply filler strips and plates that can be used in many different ways.

The major benefits of plastic filler strips and plates are:
  • High compressive strength
  • Wear resistant
  • Does not rust
  • Resistant to oils and fats
  • Weatherproof

Guide and slide strips

We manufacture and supply various components which are used as chain guides and slide strips.  These products are often used in places where other materials produce too much wear. Thanks to the excellent technical characteristics of our Hollodeen PE plastics, these are very suitable for this purpose. The materials are easy to machine and process, meaning that we can produce them in almost any shape possible.

Semi-finished products

We supply plastic semi-finished products, such as sheet materials or round bars to various processing companies, such as machine builders. We deliver the materials exactly to size and in accordance with customer requirements so that they can be used directly in the production process. The short delivery times mean that the processor can keep a small stock, which allows for a more efficient and cost-effective production method. Refer to our materials list under the heading ‘plastics’ for the materials that we can deliver.

Precision parts

We produce various products that are used as precision parts for the construction of a wide range of devices and machines.
These parts often have to meet high requirements in terms of materials, dimensions and accuracy. Through the years of experience we have gained in this field, we are able to produce these parts professionally.