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Under this brand name, we bring among other things window clamps, battens and a ‘hanging buddy’ on the market, an aid for installing frames. Our window clamps are important for the efficient clamping of bridle joints. Thanks to the design and the simplicity, the frames are protected and these window clamps make flat stacking possible, of both equal and unequal windows. The joints stay under tension while the adhesive hardens.


For efficient clamping of bridle joints

The window clamp makes stacking easier than using traditional frame clamps. In addition, tightening is not required; the clamping effect is immediately sufficient.

After fitting the glazing, slide the HOLLODEEN window clamp over the post in the direction of the grain, over the shoulder of the joint. Use a wooden or rubber hammer to do this. After the adhesive has hardened (hardening time depends on the type of adhesive used), you can release the HOLLODEEN window clamp with a few taps of the same wooden or rubber hammer. You can easily remove any excess adhesive with a damp cloth.

If after long and intensive use, the window clamp loses its clamping force, you can restore it easily by putting the window clamp in the vice for a short time.