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Thresholds for wooden frames

DTS TIMBER thresholds make new wooden doors and windows durable and homes accessible. They connect to all wooden frame systems and prevent damage to the wood. DTS thresholds are insensitive to moisture and are wear-resistant, so that the wooden frames also last longer. Moreover, the thresholds are 100% recyclable.




Material cycle preserved

DTS products are designed to preserve value at the end of their useful life. HOLLODEEN, from which the DTS THRESHOLDS are made, is 100% recyclable and already exists with 90% recycled material. Used thresholds can serve simply and efficiently as basic material for new ones entirely in accordance with the C2C principle.

For this reason, the HOLLODEEN THRESHOLDS are certified Cradle to Cradle SILVER.

Prevent waste

DTS production does not produce waste, we manufacture all components in a closed process and to a great extent, they consist of high-quality recycled source material. In principle, the thresholds are supplied ‘ready for assembly’ and without packaging material. DTS supplies customisation as standard and collects cut-off and residual material from its customers.

Bespoke Profiles are our standard

The basic DTS thresholds are profiles for inward and outward opening doors, whether or not provided with a frame seal. The profiles for sliding door hardware applications with a rebate for an aluminium runner. There are also other profiles, such as KVT, which we can also supply in accordance with the dimensions required by the customer. We supply the thresholds with profiled moulded base blocks. We also supply rebate joints as standard.

ECO52 - not only the price is lower

For most profiles, in addition to the standard 67 mm-thick version, we can also supply an ECO52 variant. In addition to the material savings and its lower weight, this 52 mm threshold also has a very attractive price!

Vector thresholds - customer-specific profiling

If the required profiling is unavailable, then there are Vector thresholds that are produced entirely according to the customer's drawing. Even curved thresholds are possible here.

Various colours

HOLLODEEN has a wide choice of colours. From nuanced black to various natural stone colours. HOLLODEEN is coloured through and through, and UV resistant. All HOLLODEEN colours are fully circular, because they are 100% recyclable.

Fire resistance - 30 and 60 minutes

All HOLLODEEN DTS TIMBER thresholds have 30 minutes fire resistance as standard. The use of Foamtech base blocks makes the thresholds suitable for a 60-minute fire resistant situation.


3D BIM models for Revit

The drawings of the most common DTS thresholds are available as 3D BIM Revit details.

Airtight construction

Since DTS threshold profiles are solid and not hollow, not only can you apply lime rebates in the base blocks, but also in the ends of the threshold. The lime and lead rebate can be specified freely, allowing DTS thresholds to always connect with your (structural) detailing. As a result, you have no continuous seams and it provides you with an excellent airtight joint.