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Innodeen is an innovator of plastic products at all levels. Together with our customers, we deliver ‘shared solutions': industry-oriented, smart and durable.
Whatever you want to develop or have made from one of our materials: we take care of it. Together we will create the best solution. Moreover, our materials are a lifetime replacement for wood, steel or rubber in areas subject to ageing, decay or wear.

Development in partnership

Whatever we develop: we like doing it together with you.
To shape your challenges or to optimise processes, we combine your expert knowledge with our know-how in the field of our materials, technology and their application. Together we achieve smart customised solutions.
The way we work has yielded concrete results in the past. We demonstrate that with our patented DTS THRESHOLDS and the successful marketing of smart applications from HOLLODEEN and DURODEEN. Expertly modified and with a long life span.

Sustainable Material for every application

Flexible or even very hard, wear-resistant or transparent: we provide the most appropriate recyclable plastic for every request. Whatever your requirements: we can make it. Customer-specific and, of course, fabricated very skilfully.

Our techniques

Like our materials we as “Innodeen shared solutions” are very versatile. We offer the following wide range of processing techniques to fabricate or process the ideal product for you:
  • sawing
  • drilling
  • turning (conventional and CNC)
  • CNC milling (3 and 5 axis)
  • 4-sided profiling
  • welding
  • cutting (with water and laser)
  • forming and bending
  • casting
  • assembly