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INNODEEN, Innovative and Sustainable solutions:

We develop, manufacture and supply durable, sustainable and innovative products and solutions for and together with our clients. Our products are a “lifetime“ replacement for wood, steel and rubber in areas subject to ageing, decay or wear.

Hands-on approach;

Our clients, whether they are interested in a exciting solution or need a new development, have become familiar with the hands-on approach and full engagement of Innodeen. Commitment comes naturally to us. We help to solve practical issues and everyday problems by meeting the challenges head-on. Our solutions have proven to be first class in terms of technology, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Where other materials fail, our innovative strength comes to life. Read more »


INNODEEN supplies its products to various branches. To get an idea of our activities, we took a few examples of what we developed describe several solutions per industry.

Is the product you require not listed, or would you like more information? Then please contact us with no obligations.  Read more »


INNODEEN can process and deliver a wide range of plastics materials. We only use materials who fit into the circular life cycle. To get a good idea of our possibilities, we have divided the materials we use into different categories.  Read more »