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INNODEEN supplies a large number of products that are used in the concrete industry. Most use the materials Hollodeen PE 500 Confetti, Natural or PE F1.

The major benefits of these HOLLODEEN plastics are:

  • strength
  • resistance to wear
  • easy to process
  • minimum concrete adhesion
  • long life span
  • can be supplied in all shapes and sizes
  • less expensive than a steel version
Thanks to the above advantages, Hollodeen plastics are an ideal material for use in the concrete industry.
By using 5-axis CNC controlled routers we can produce the most diverse molds and parts very accurately.

Due to the good technical properties, our HOLLODEEN is an ideal material to use for molds. The material has a high compressive strength, a long service life, is very easy to work with and the concrete adhesion is minimal.
We produce plastic coupling battens from HOLLODEEN RC.
These extruded profiles are available in the colors gray and black. The dimensions vary from 25 x 25 mm to 30 x 30 mm and can be supplied in any desired length.
The profiles are used to connect retaining walls and concrete elements.

Different dimensions on request.

Where other materials fail, our innovative strength comes to life!

Whatever we develop: we like doing it together with you.
To shape your challenges or to optimise processes, we combine your expert knowledge with our know-how in the field of our sustainable materials, technology and their application.

"Together we achieve smart customised solutions."

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