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Civil engineering

INNODEEN supplies various plastic products that are used in civil engineering. This industry focuses on everything related to infrastructure, waterworks, water management and the environment.

In short, plenty of application possibilities.

Thanks to the good technical properties of various plastics, this material is ideal for use in the civil engineering industry.

Benefits of Hollodeen Plastics

  • strength
  • resistance to wear
  • easy to process
  • weather resistant
  • long life span
  • Available in almost all shapes and sizes
  • weight saving

Fenders Bumpers

Fenders Bumpers Dock bumpers

We manufacture and supply plastic fenders / bumpers for the construction and renovation of fenders, locks, bridges, piers, etc. We have specially developed the high-quality material Hollodeen FE for this application in hydraulic engineering.

The benefits are:
  • strength
  • resistance to wear
  • good sliding and frictional resistances
  • extremely long life span
  • UV resistant.
  • 100% recyclable